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Annual SIR State Tournaments

Congratulations to the team of Jim TRUDEL, Larry HILL, Mark STUART & Kent MILLER for finishing in second place at the State Team Championship. They had a gross score of 65 with a net score of 56.63!  They were only 1.3 strokes back of first place!

The Division 2 Qualifier for State Individual Championship was held at Plumas Lakes on Aug. 16th.
Here are the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place finishers for Branch 98 participants:

Flight Name Gross HCP Net Place
Flt 1 Justiniano, Hermes 93 15 78 N/A
Flt 1 Martinez, Fred 88 15 73 N/A
Flt 1 Trudel, Jim 79 7 72 N/A
Flt 2 Whalen, Tom 83 19 64 1st
Flt 2 Cleveland, Ron 95 19 76 N/A
Flt 2 Hejlik, John 87 19 68 N/A
Flt 3 Mallo, Art 92 22 70 3rd
Flt 3 Hill, Larry 89 19 70 N/A
Flt 4 Maximo, Ron 91 23 68 3rd
Flt 4 Dina, Giorgio 100 23 77 N/A
Flt 4 Gutierrez, Bob 102 22 80 N/A
Flt 4 Heintz, Denny 99 24 75 N/A
Flt 5 Morelli, Pete 91 25 66 1st
Flt 5 Kearns, Mike 104 26 78 N/A
Flt 5 Knox, Dick 100 26 74 N/A
Flt 5 Ramirez, Carlos 94 25 69 N/A
Flt 6 Dreyfus, Howard 100 30 70 N/A
Flt 6 Hensley, Brian 100 27 73 N/A
Flt 7 Reuter, John 99 31 68 2nd
Flt 7 Hammond, Bill 107 37 70 3rd
Flt 7 Harper, John 110 33 77 N/A

The finals will be held on the Monterey Peninsula at Laguna Seca GC October 17th - Open Play and October 18th being the Championship day.

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Signups for August and September are open.

The Jack Hoppe Memorial Club Championship is complete and congratulations to this years Club Champion Hermes Justiniano!

Annual SIR State Tournaments

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