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Branch 98 Notices Page
Good News!

The State SIR directive prohibiting us from holding our normal weekly events was lifted effective 2/9/2021!  Resumption of our golf program is contingent upon adherence to two documents directed by the State Board.
The  SIR Back to Golf Protocol document has been revised! We can now do shotgun starts if the course allows them!  Additionally, the single rider per cart restriction has been removed assuming both riders agree to share! I strongly advise you to read the full text of those documents by clicking on the below links. If you have questions please ask for clarification. We want to have a successful season and can only do so with your full cooperation and adherence to those rules.

New Policies Put Into Place! Click HERE for details.      
Branch 98 Notices Page
The 2021 Schedule has been posted!

We hve posted a listing of which tees we will be using for Fwd & Mid tee assignments for each course. Take a look at the "Schedule" page!.


It's time to renew!
Both your 2021 SIR Branch 98 and your Golf Club Dues must be paid in order for you to participate in SIR Golf.  Branch dues must be paid by April 1st, if you haven't yet paid your Branch dues please do so immediately or you may be dropped from all April tournaments.  Your NCGA renewals were due by Dec. 30, 2020; if you haven't already renewed you where officially droped from the club roster.

If you are renewing your NCGA membership in SIR GC Br 98 or transfering your NCGA membership from any Club, the fee is $64.00, which includes $49.00 for NCGA and $15.00 for 2021 SIR GC Br 98 Club dues. If you are initially joining the NCGA the fee is $64.00; $49.00 for NCGA membership and $15.00 SIR Br. 98 Golf Club dues.

If you are already a current NCGA member with another Club and want to remain active in that Club, but you want to enjoy the privilege of playing with our Club, your dues are only $15.00

If you have any questions please call or email our new Treasurer Carlos Ramirez at 916 995-3358 or cram546@gmail.com.

Click here to renew now!

All checks should be made out to SIR Branch 98 Golf and mailed as indicated below. You may also bring a check to any of our remaining Tournaments
Mail to:
SIR Brach 98 Golf
c/o Carlos Ramirez
6930 Boulder Road
Granite Bay, CA 95746

If you are having problems logging in or have forgotten your password please do NOT re-register!  You can reset your password by clicking on the "Did you forget your password?" link on the login page.  A new temporary password will be e-mailed to you.  You can then reset this temporary password to something you can easily remember.  Or just e-mail Pete Morelli and ask him to unlock your account and/or reset your password!

Game Rules are now available online! To view them click "Descripton of games." on the Pairings page just above the game name.

The pairing sheets for March 2021 opened up on Feb. 1, 2021!

Click HERE  to view information on the World Handicap System on the NCGA website.

This new site will allow you to signup online for any weekly
tournament once you register and your account is validated.

For instructions on how to use the site click HERE.

Be sure to check out the Pairings and Schedule tabs above!
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