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Good News!

The State SIR directive prohibiting us from holding our normal weekly events was lifted effective 2/9/2021!  Resumption of our golf program is contingent upon adherence to two documents directed by the State Board.
The  SIR Back to Golf Protocol document has been revised! We can now do shotgun starts if the course allows them!  Additionally, the single rider per cart restriction has been removed assuming both riders agree to share! I strongly advise you to read the full text of those documents by clicking on the below links. If you have questions please ask for clarification. We want to have a successful season and can only do so with your full cooperation and adherence to those rules.

New Policies Put Into Place! Click HERE for details.      

Tournaments For:

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 DateDayCourseStart TimeIntervalCost
SelectJun 01, 2021TuesdayEmpire Ranch8:00 AM10$49
SelectJun 07, 2021MondayMorgan Creek8:00 AM0$52 Sharing / $67 Solo / $44 W
SelectJun 14, 2021MondayCameron Park9:00 AM0$54
SelectJun 21, 2021MondayRancho Murietta-N9:00 AM0$64
SelectJun 28, 2021MondayLincoln Orchard8:00 AM0$46


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Empire Ranch $49 Jun 01, 2021

The Game:         Descripton of games.

New . . . Due to COVID-19 Restrictions
All Green Fees Must be Pre-Paid 72 hours before the tournament!
You may either send a check to our Treasurer or Pay Online with a Credit Card!
If you previously registered as Pay-by-Mail and haven't yet sent us your check
you may still use the pay by Credit Card option.  Simply click on the below link.


 GroupNumHoleStart TimePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4 
1 8:00 AM Gilson, Bob Butler, Gary Whalen, Tom Noyes, Don
2 8:10 AM Johnson, Gary Gutierrez, Bob Jones, Tim Wohl, Rick
3 8:20 AM Aichele, Charlie Pinney, Phillip Bryan, Tim Nush, Robert
4 8:30 AM Robinson, Charles Galloway, Harry Mair, Rick Kosinski, Grego
5 8:40 AM Ramirez, Carlos Yeo, Jim Christianson, Paul Schlueter, Bob
6 8:50 AM Cook, Randy Hoffhines, Craig Edwards, Steven Troia, Richard
7 9:00 AM Morelli, Pete Dina, Giorgio Santor, Mark Gifford, Don
8 9:10 AM Jacobson, Jeff Maximo, Ron Robbins, Terry Schultz, Mike
9 9:20 AM Rios, Tony Eastman, Steve Lane, Steve
10 9:30 AM Costello, Tom Harper, John Salmon, Ron Steffens, Mark
11 9:40 AM Giusti, Norm Voorhees, Richard Kearns, Mike Martinez, Fred
12 9:50 AM Cano, Oscar Galvan, Jesse Justiniano, Hermes Alameida, Joe
13 10:00 AM Heintz, Denny Mahoney, Kevin Tasaka, Dane Stuart, Mark
14 10:10 AM Calvert, Andy Sessums, Tom Sargeant, Lawrence
15 10:20 AM Nelson, Dan Riley, Joe Machado, Mark McDonald, Jim
16 10:30 AM Watson, Will Jones, Denny Ellis, John Williams, Gene
17 10:40 AM Slingerland, John Moore, Mike Kruse, Don
18 10:50 AM Schiffers, Rich

5/1/2021 9:00:00 AM
6/23/2021 11:54:41 AM