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 DateDayCourseStart TimeIntervalCost
SelectNov 02, 2020MondaySerrano11:00 AM0$54
SelectNov 09, 2020MondayAncil Hoffman9:00 AM8$49
SelectNov 16, 2020MondayCancelled9:00 AM10$54
SelectNov 23, 2020MondayCancelled8:30 AM10$44
SelectNov 30, 2020MondayCancelled9:00 AM10$43


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Serrano $54 Nov 02, 2020

The Game:         Descripton of games.
Four man team: 1 score on par 5s - 2 on 4s & 3 on 3s

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 GroupNumHoleStart TimePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4 
11A11:00 AM Morelli, Pete Dina, Giorgio Gilson, Bob Trudel, Jim
21B11:00 AM Robinson, Charles Galloway, Harry Mair, Rick Santor, Mark
31711:00 AM Achenbach, Lon Aichele, Charlie Schlueter, Bob Moore, Mike
416A11:00 AM Cook, Randy Hoffhines, Craig Edwards, Steven Gifford, Don
516B11:00 AM Bryan, Tim Thomas, Neil Christianson, Paul Santone, Joe
61511:00 AM Tyson, Bob Herrera, Eloy Lifto, Kevin Vandrie, Carl
714A11:00 AM Carrier, Gary Nance, Richard Giusti, Norm Warfield, Bill
814B11:00 AM Wohl, Rick Gutierrez, Bob Ensign, Alan Love, Dennis
913A11:00 AM Flanagan, Mike Justiniano, Hermes Hill, Larry Stuart, Mark
1013B11:00 AM Sessums, Tom Thompson, Jerry
111211:00 AM Alameida, Joe Galvan, Jesse Kearns, Mike
121111:00 AM Hendrickson, Bob Lander, Phil Ziel, Brian Simmons, Richard
131011:00 AM Costello, Tom Harper, John Salmon, Ron Kosinski, Grego
14911:00 AM Rivera, Abe Dorsey, Frank Rios, Tony Eastman, Steve
158A11:00 AM Gragg, Jim Friedrich, James Buhlert, Jerry Watson, Will
168B11:00 AM Adams, Richie Smith, Al Wikse, Bob Steffens, Mark
17711:00 AM Garnett, Jay Maximo, Ron Jacobson, Jeff Schultz, Mike
186A11:00 AM Schiffers, Rich Keskeys, Richard Ellis, John Williams, Gene
196B11:00 AM Noyes, Don Riley, Joe Nelson, Dan Machado, Mark
20511:00 AM Kreiser, Norm Hamilton, Rick Eto, Dallas Simonds, Darren
21411:00 AM Hulsebus, John Gaspari, Dick Green, Steve Maglionico, Dan
22311:00 AM Hayes, Robert Quinn, Pat Kruse, Don West, Harry
23211:00 AM Pinney, Phillip Stephenson, Jim Thomas, John Dye, Jeff
24 11:00 AM